Prof’s are weird creatures

I woke up at 10:45am today to go to Prof. Ngozi’s office hour. I was going to ask him about some livemath questions. So I was there with Evan, and there where two other people there. His office hours were from 11-12. And when we looked at his schedule, we saw the only reason he came to school this early was for office hours. So I think we sat there for 40 minutes waiting for him to come.

During this 40 minutes, we just sat around talking. And it sounds like all the tech elective classes are really fun. Single track vechicle, all the guys made bicycles that had suck a low c.g that when they rode their old bikes, those bikes felt slow and unresponsive.

We were about to leave at around 11:40, but one guy heard the elevator moving as he was about to leave and said, “maybe that’s him, I’ll just stay to see”. And lo and behold Prof. Kamalu walks down the hall. And looks surprised to see that people are actually waiting outside his office, then he says something about not being able to find parking.

Then there is prof. Gordon. We walk into class, and he shows us the distribution of grades on the quiz. And its not a bell curve, and he starts going over the quiz with us. He always jokes about how he wears a robe with a hood, and puts it over his head before he writes our quizzes. So someone asked him if he did the same while he was grading the test. Somehow we got the teacher to start talking about how he always has music al tunes in his head, and couldn’t think up the name of the musician. And the guy that came to class and wanted to go to the restroom during the quiz said “50 cents?”. I don’t think the teacher heard, but everyone else did.
Anyways, the prof made our quiz really hard on accident. He had written two words wrong on the quiz, asking us for Btu’s instead of Btu/lbm. And that really messed me up on the test, because I was looking for mass flow rate, when it was really impossible to get. But I still tried anyways. And I think other people messed up also. And the prof was telling us how he actually did know that he messed up, but he couldn’t tell us that he asked for the wrong thing because someone had taken the quiz early. So people in the class weren’t that happy, but he does have a nice curve. I think the person with 6 out of 56 had around a 54%.

I have developed a habit of taking a nap from 3-4pm each day. That’s really sad, because I wake up at around 11am. So I can only last 4 hours, before i need a recharge.

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