Frontporch Light


So to start preparing my house for after the wedding. I installed a programmable front porch light. So I started out buying a honeywell control, and I installed it, and it didn’t work. Sad smile 

What happened is that I think when I bought the house, the guy must have done the remodel of the house himself, so I don’t have a neutral wire wired up correctly. What ended up happening is that the lights would blink on and off, as everytime the connection was made, the voltage would be dropped to 0. I tried to follow the wiring around, but it didn’t work.


So I buy a different light switch and try to install it. However this is when I come across another problem, the outlet box is too small. Sad smile. I ended up using a hammer and I was able to just break that metal box out. It was more like a wooded box with some metal plating on it.


So after one week and 150 dollars (I bought a couple different lights) I finally got it all installed. What did I do with the original light I bought? I just installed it in my mom’s house.

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