Engagement Photo Shoot


So today we had our engagement photo. It was really interesting getting ready for it. I think it is because I want to look really good in the pictures. So it was making me really nervous. Sherri also had her friend Sunah do her hair and makeup.  She looked really good for that day.

For our photoshoot, we planned on doing it at the Legion of Honor, and then at Land’s End. With our photographer being Jenny Thai Photography.

The weather was kind of dreary so we didn’t get any good sunset pictures. We ended up just taking other style pictures. I didn’t take any pictures at legion of honor, because I was posing the whole time. Smile 

We were dressed up really nice, so nice a guy came by to tell us how awesome he thought we look. I also saw 2 other couples taking photos there.


So I think for our fun picture, Jenny Thai will be making 52 cards rain. I was using my Excellence Cards, so they are really pretty gold and red, with a very deco letters and shapes. I think the pictures will come out really amazing.


I was super proud of Sherri, she was a super trooper especially at land’s end. She was climbing onto the rocks for the really nice pictures. We also got some of her dress caught in the water near the end. SO I hope she has a good dry cleaners to clean and fix it up.

My thoughts is that I think our wedding pictures will look really good. Jenny Thai said we were really relaxed and looked good in it.

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