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So Sherri and I will be asking our cousin Wesley to help us make our cake. We are not sure sure how big of a cake we will get. And along with that, we are trying to figure out if we should have sheet cake served also. Mostly because I don’t think our cake will be that big. .

Wesley was supernice and made us a lot of frosting and made us two of his cakes to let us try. These cakes were a new recipe he was trying so, but in order for the cake to be decorated they were pretty packed. More like a fudge thick cake. Smile



Those were the two cakes he brought, a chocolate and a plain yellow cake.


Then he gave us 5 different frostings, it was lychee, strawberry, coconut, mango, and nutella. So after we cut the cake and put the frosting on it, we were ready to taste. IMAG4651

This is a picture of us cutting up the cake and plating it, then putting the frosting over it.


Here is the end result, so we tried all of them.

Lychee with yellow cake was really good, the lychee was not too sweet, and yellow cake was not too sweet.

Strawberry with yellow cake: the strawberry’s tart/sweetness was really strong compared to the cake, so it had more of a bite to it.

Coconut with Yellow cake: That was okay, I don’t like coconut too much so it was average.

Nutella with Yellow Cake: Really good, nutella is good on anything

Mango with Yellow Cake: The mango was pretty sweet compared to the cake so it was a little sharp in taste.

Lychee with chocolate cake: Lychee was not that strong in comparision to the chocolate00

Strawberry with chocolate cake: Really sharp flavor

Coconut with chocolate cake: Pretty good.

Nutulla with chocolate cake: Tasted really delicious but too much chocolate

Mango with chocolate: a little tart.


So we will most likely go with the nutella on yellow cake.

Since we had left over frosting, when our friends came over for game of thrones night, we made some yellow fluffly cupcakes and put the frosting on it. It turned out the strawberry and nutella were the best. It is interesting how different cakes bring out the flavors differently.

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