Friday Full Day

Friday was an amazingly long day for me. I have to work out in the field, which I sometimes like. Usually you can come into work early, so I have more time to leave earlier.

That is one of the things I learned about working, having a good boundary between work and not taking it home. So usually, I get into work and just work hard. 🙂

So I get into the job site at 7:00am, and don’t leave until 6pm. I wanted to leave early, but we were just behind. So I left then, and had to endure traffic to get up to the city to celebrate Jamie’s bday.


So the present that I bought Jaime were these predator vs prey mittens. (actually not the ones in the picture above). 🙂 What happened was that I had bought the junior versions of hte mitten at first, so when I received the gloves I noticed they would fit all kids hands. Then I had to go back and buy the right ones online. Instead of returning the mittens, I just gave it to my little 7 year old cousin.

The place where the party was held at was the 2nd floor above chruchhill in the castro, called “the office”. It was around 60 people, and i ran into many different people. Since I got there late, I was not able to meet everyone there.

My favorite part of the night was that I ran into sheree, and she made me do another magic trick for her. So I did the fork trick for her and 5 of the people that were right there. She is the most interesting as a spectator, because she screams when the trick happens. Which makes it really entertaining.

That really affects a magic trick from me. I try to choose people who would be really excited, and wanting to be fooled. The ones that don’t like it

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