Food Art

If I wasn’t an engineer, I would be a chef (artistic). Currently, I made this really ice cream cake. (That’s what I’m calling it). From my imagination, ideas were floating on what I would want to have. So tt has a devils chocolate cake as the bottom layer, chocolate chips ice cream for the middle, and for the top it has a fudge brownie. Since I don’t have much cooking accesories, I baked everything in my 9 x 9 inch pan (well it is more of a glass square pan). Because of that, my cake had no rise, and everything was in square shape. After putting the brownie on top, it looks like a giant ice cream sandwich. (yummy).

Ed from oro loma called me to ask me why I wasn’t sending pictures in to him. I was all confused, because I had sent him all these pictures after I had finished it. It was very interesting for the first several minutes, because I couldn’t figure out why he was asking me for more pictures that I had drawn. Then I finally figured out that Becky hadn’t given him the pictures yet, that was why he couldn’t get anything done.

I have been working on my robot, and I usually go and pick it up from my lab partners house. I found out, I have been calling him by the wrong name for this whole entire time. I thought his name was Slava, but its actually Slavic. He hasn’t corrected me on this, so he must not notice that I’m messing it up.
For some reason, I had an awkward moment picking up a box from his place. Very weird, because I was standing there and these three people studying aero stuff, just stopped and stared at me for 1 straight minute as Slavic’s roommate was getting me the robot and parts.

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