First oversleep of the day

Today was the first day of this quarter that I half way overslept a class. It was my mechatronics lab, so its wasn’t that bad, because he doesn’t take roll, and its more of an open hour to work on our project. But it was interesting, how in my dreams, I can hear my phone ring, and I wake up to go pick it up.
   By the way, my dream had turned somewhat into a nightmare, because I was arguing with a policeman about why I shouldn’t get a ticket for parking in front of a deadend street, becuase i was getting someone to the hospitalI hear my phone ring while I’m still in my dream, and then know that I must be oversleeping. Then I pop up and run out of the house like a mad squirrel.

   Not sure what to say about my weekend, except that I really enjoyed it fully, but somehow I still didn’t get as much rest as I wanted. But I did spend a lot of time in the lab and watching tv.
   Wow, the A’s new stadium looks really good.

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