First day of spring quarter

It feels like the first day of school again. I have a more top heavy schedule this quarter. I woke up today at 6:30 and got ready for my 7:00am class. The only nice thing about having a spring quarter 7:00am class is that it is warm and sunny when I walk outside. It’s not cold and dark when i awake. So that’s how i started off the day.

I don’t really like tech writing for engineers because it is very simple work, but just a lot of busy work. I went into that class, and most of the students are freshman, and i only recognized one other junior.

My class after that, Fluids 2, i knew more then half the class. I think that will be a fun class, because all my friends are in it. I also think most of them are in my lab also.

It’s nice knowing a lot of ME students, because i can borrow or share books with them. Like 2 quarters ago my friend and i shared an Econ book, and we resold it for 70 dollars on, after buying it for 88. So we only spent around 10 dollars total for it.

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