I woke up today at 10:40am, and when i woke up i felt pain from my stomach telling me i was hungry. I think that is what happens if i eat breakfast everyday at 6:45am, and then sleep in on Caesar Chavez day.

Last night, my roommate’s brother and several other people from his dorm came over and we played Halo 2. Lets say, my roommate and his brother and I are not as good as the people in the dorm. We went team slayer, 6 s 1, and got wiped out by one of the guy 50-15. We were rolling in pairs and he would pop out of no where and shotgun us.

Hmm, i notice that when i’m writing on my computer, and i get bored i stare at my roommate sleeping. I then try to predict which way he will turn in his bed. I would do hte same if i saw an ant on the table, i would watch it go away. I must be intrigued with things that move randomly. Why roommate always wonders why i look at him when he wakes up, I think its because when he wakes up he does a shaking kind of thing. Where he moves around a little and then raises his arms and opens his eyes.

Time to do work for the first time this quarter. I didn’t do my reading for tech writing, and i don’t think half the class did yesterday. The teacher gave a pop quiz and it was to summarize what was in the book.

Finally, during spring break, i got back into facebook. My friend came over and we were looking at the stuff. And i joined all these random groups in it. So now i have 12 friends on my facebook and a picture, instead of 1 friend and a question mark for a picture. Then we found out how we could waste several hours looking through facebook.

I walked into my living room today, and i saw that my roommate was making a cardboard cutout of hte moonites. He finished the big one, but was working on the smaller one. I was wondering what that aersol stench was, that was lingering around our apt.

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