early morning

When I leave my apt at 6:45 in the morning and walk to my class it feels so surreal. I think its because the sun is just about to get out, and the sky is a bluish gray. Then when i walk to campus, I don’t hear or see any cars or people go by me. All i hear are the birds chirping, and squirrels running up and down trees. Then there are these really small birdies that live in the bushes, and they run though the bushes and sound like squirrels.

After coming back from my fluids lab, Evan and I saw a carcuss on the path between some grass. It looked like the head of a mole, or some rodent taht had really long teeth. Only its head was left on the pathway. It looked kind of interesting. We thought it must have been eaten by a bird and the head was dropped off. For some reason, when i saw the rodent I thought of that mole in winnie the pool. The one that studders when it talks, and wears the helmet with the light on it.

hmm, now some random info. Sometimes when I wake up, I get into a quandary. I want to sleep, but I have to wake up. I don’t want to fall back asleep because i will oversleep my class, but i want to get 10 more minutes of sleep. So I sit in the butterfly position and put my face foward down on the bed. I assumed that I can get more rest for my eyes, but will not fall asleep. That little bit of pain from stretching keeps me keen enough to not fall asleep, but still rest. I don’t want to use my alarm too much, because my roommate goes to sleep at 2am, and doesn’t wake up until 10am. I don’t want my alarm going off 10 times, before i wake up, becuase that will wake him up also.

Finally, I saw all these signs up asking people to vote him/her for asi president. I also got e-mails from the asme dept. And the asme student president wrote to vote in this guy’s name and “your mom” for asi president. I’m thinking it might do really well if all asme students wrote in “your mom”. I also saw a paper on a fire hydrant that said “This fire hydrant will do just as well as asi president”

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