unreliable internet

Sometimes its nice not having the internet. The internet to our place was not working all day. So, I just sat around after writing my memo for english class. It was around 10:00am, and my roommate was still asleep.

He had told me once that he was a very light sleeper, so I tried to see how light he was. I didn’t have a feather with me, so i ripped off the edge of a kleenex and very lightly touched it on his wrist. .. And i found out that he is a really light sleeper, because he turned his head and looked at me. To which I quickly turned my head back to my computer monitor screen. Then he went back to sleep.

Then there are those guys that fall asleep in class. I was in thermo class this morning, and a guy sitting 2 rows over and in the back seat had rested his head against the wall. Near the end of class he had fallen asleep, and started to snore. The teacher was writing on the board and we hear a snore, and people would turn around every time he snored.

For some reason I decided to do some studying on my bed. So i’m resting my head against the wall, with the pillow supporting my lumbar, and i’m reading fluids. I’m in chapter 5 and reading, just like the guy in class, i fall asleep and wake up 10 minutes later. I’ve decided to never study in my bed.

Finally, some random info of the day. It was cinco de mayo, and lighthouse was making food with a mexican flavor. And they made a lot of churros, and they can’t save them for hte next day. So I took back 3 pounds of churros. Several of the grill cooks and I took back a backpack full of churros. They aren’t as crispy now, but still taste really sweet.

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