clean up

So I’m cleaning up our place again today. And there is a bunch of sutff that just seem to be coming out of places that I didn’t know was there. And I found some of my lost things becuase they were under the bed. Then I found my other diary (but it just looks like a regular notebook). So I was talking to my roommate about how I remember reading a diary I wrote in 3rd grade.
Back in the day, I really didn’t like writing in my diary so I wrote small stuff and not full. So I was talking to my roommate Marc, saying I read a entry that said “I’m so happy”, and I couldn’t figure out why. So Marc says “maybe its because you got a gold star that day in class”, and then I thought, that’s a good answer.

And Marc told me that his named spelled backwards is Cram, while mine spelled backwards is Werdna (or as marc would call that “whatever your name is”).

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