i’m back w nothing

So I got back home around 7pm last night. And then we go straight to my grandparents house for dinner. But saturday was a great day hanging out with Cram (Marc backwards) and cleaning the place. Eventually, we ended up sitting there making up little games and stuff and throwing things from one side of the room to the other.

Then marc showed me this one little game he had in his car “apples to apples”, but we didn’t play it becuase there were only two of us. But I was reading through it and he was telling me how he played it. And told me that usually there were several automatically win cards like japan (because he’s japanese) and china. And he says he and his friends always pick the most random answers too.

Eventually, we ended up sitting in our rooms with only boxes next to us folding our clothes. So I think I streamed 5 episodes of freakazoids, and then we watched the espn show cheap seats. Where they had episodes of the spelling bee and superdogs superjocks. Then our closet roommate came back saw our room and said “where are you guys going to be sleeping, tonight?” and I told him the couch and he started laughing and saying “that sucks”. Then Marc laughingly said, “well, you’ve been sleeping in the closet”

So, I ended up sleeping on the couch, and I had such a great sleep. While Marc slept in his sleeping bag on the ground.

Oh yeah, and the stuff we were throwing out kept getting taken in the dumpster. I was joking with marc that one day, I’ll pick him up and we will go to the back of a college apt during move out week and grab things. Then marc said “no”, and I hung my head low and walked away. But that’s our dumpster, it got really high last night, and then the next day it started to go down. Some guy wanted our discolored tv and drove in just as we were about to chug the thing into the dumpster.

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