world cup baby

With no finals today, I took my sweet time cleaning up our place and packing everything up while watching world cup soccer. For some reason, I always start to dance when one team scores. I do my little airplane impression (Which for some reason, I was doing all day, after throwing out the basketballs and trash, I went airplaning around the garbage dumpster. Which brings me back to when I remember jumping into the dumpster once, and then just as quickly flying out of there.

So, for some reason, I felt like going to the UU again today, to see how far Jeff had gotten on his reading. It was funny, from last night to this morning, I think he only read 10 pages. And that was a good 5 hours. So I came to give him moral support, and to also turn in my graduation evaluation form to the office (they want it 4 quarters in advance).

Thrusday night was really fun at the UU. For one thing, I was done with my finals. The other thing was that Alby, with the help from queena and Kat, made dinner for the people hanging out at the UU.

Then, I think the girls had to go back to their place and it was around 12:30pm. So they said they didn’t really need us to walk them back. But Jeff and I thought it wouldn’t be safe. So we both walk outside, and so Val tells me she doesn’t need the escort, because she will be talking on the phone the whole entire time. So I decide to follow Jeff, and Kat tells me to go back. So I go back and Val tells me that she really doesn’t need me. So I then just go ninja style, I stay around 20 feet back, and take opposite routes. So I don’t think Val noticed me at all. So I made sure she got to her place, and then I ran up a set of stairs because I really needed to go to the restroom and rang on Johnny’s doorbell. And he was wondering why I was in front of his room at 12:30 in the morning, (because I live on the total opposite side of campus, and it is finals week).

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