Matt Teng’s Bachelor Helmet

I am going to use that as my title, because google will pick it up, and forever the internet will associate matt teng bachelor helmet to my blog. Smile So I wanted to make a little gift for the upcoming bachelor party where we will be doing habitat for humanity. He doesn’t really like stuff, so I thought that something practical would be okay with him. SoIMAG0909

Front side has the UCSD Logo, and these glitter letters, hearts, and other stuff that I have from michaels. A couple months ago, I was in that card making craze, so right now I have 10 birthday cards made to use for any occasion. Because of that , I have letters and all these little decorations.


Back side of Matt’s helmet.

So here are my funny stories from today. My co-worker was bringing parts to a job site. You want to know what happens when you overload a truck?  (…..  While in a meeting, we all of a sudden get a call from our co-worker, he says “crap, I will not be able to deliver the parts, all four tires on the car just blew out.” So the moral of the story is to not overload your truck beyond its stated capacity.

As for my valentines day night. My co-worker wanted to have drinks with me after work. So he comes up to me and goes “lets go to Chili’s”, as we are sitting there after working having a drink, my co-workers wife calls him. Then my co-worker goes “Crap, I have to go home to take my wife, and kids to valentines day dinner.” So he picks up immediately and leaves so fast that the waitress thinks he is just going to the restroom.

So for the rest of the time there, I sit alone watching the basketball game, and hearing 2 ladies sitting next to me complain about their boyfriends. It was like their therapy session. They were analyzing one of her boyfriends text. She kept on saying “man, I keep on falling for it”.

That is going to be my valentines day, along with packing and working out. Smile

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