So as you might know, I actually do have fun outside of work. Today I had a get together with vinson and mike. After work, I took a quick nap in the car and then drove down to Union City to meet them in front of century theater.

We meet up, and I think all of us were listening to the A’s game as we got there. Well, vince didn’t because he’s a Giants fan. But Mikey and I made him change the radio station to the A’s. So first we go to elephant bar for dinner, its around 6:30 then, so its really crowded. So we hang around the bar watching the A’s game until we get a table about 20 minutes later.

After dinner, we go to the batting cages. Mike brought his wooden bat and metal bat. None of us wanted to use his wooden bat because they were a birthday gift to him, and had his name engraved on it. So we were swinging with his baseball bat. So we were all hitting 50 mph fastballs. What they noticed was that I have a David Ortiz like swing. I have this monsterous cut, with an upper cut like stroke, and I swing the bat with one hand. The only problem is that I am not that strong. So I have a slow bat speed with the 29 ounce bat. I acutally went to 60 mph, and I couldn’t hit it at all until I choked up so much on the bat, that i think the bat weighed around 25 ounces. Then I hit stuff, but not that great.

But going back to 50 mph was a piece of cake. I saw that ball coming so slowly that I was getting good hacks. But the only problem was that I was too close to the plate, so I hit a lot of jammed shots. (I had decided not to use batting gloves for the last set of pitches) So it hurt a lot, that stinging stayed with me a while.

At around 9 we left and got to the theater to watch Superman. That was one long movie, it had some good parts. The only thing that makes me laugh when i watch superman is how no one can recognize him, when he puts on glasses.

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