I was driving around San Lorenzo today, and as I was driving around, I started recognizing streets. When I saw the street names like Bockman road, in my mind pictures of the sewer system underneath the ground popped up. Whenever I drive around San Lorenzo now, I just think about serwers and recognize which streets have lift stations on it. Useless information that goes through my head.

For lunch today, I brought some leftover food from dinner last night. I forgot to bring my tubberware into the building, so as I walked outside to grab it from the car during lunch time, it felt really hot. So I didn’t have to put it into the microwave, because it had cooked while sitting inside my car. But my capri-sun tasted nasty, It was lemonade, but warm.

Toastmasters was fun, I did my first impromptu speech. I randomly picked up a picture, and it was a picture of a beetle in a glass box. So I randomly made up a speech about why beetles/cockroaches would make great pets.

Tomorrow will be a fun and long day. So tomorrows update should be good.

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