grandma dinner

Today was my grandma’s birthday so we went out to Oakland for dinner. So I see my cousins and family, and the two cousins that are one year older and younger then me both have girlfriends and brought them over. What did that do? Well, now my mom keeps on asking me if I have a girlfriend. =). So I might have to go get a girlfriend, or else my mom will bother me for life.

I have a gripe against people who turn on their high beams and don’t turn it off when there is a car coming from the other direction. If you have ever been to my house, to get to palmoares hill there is a mile long road with no streetlights, and only reflectors on posts against the side. Since I’ve driven on this road for such a long time, I know it by heart. (I’ve actually driven on it with my lights off, and you can only see 4 feet in front of the car. But that was only for 3 seconds to show my sister) But when a car drives by with its high beam on, especailly the ones with zeon lights, I can’t see anything. I can only look down to the opposite side of the line and just follow it down. So to you people out there, you are lucky that I know this road like a bird knows a worm.

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