Baby Room Refurnished

Woodland Bunny Hardware

With the office being moved out of the room, I was finally able to start working on making the room into what Sherri imagined. We bought a 4 coat hooks online and were able to mount them above the closet, and we hung all the heirloom rabbits that sherri sewed. She sewed 5 of them, with the 1st one giving to my friend’s daughter. I had gone up to Sacramento to borrow his Snoo, and sherri wanted to give her the first rabbit because it was a little different than the rest of them. All the clothing for the rabbits were a mixed of vintage fabric and joanna’s. I really love how they are hanging up there.


The one thing i hate about painting things is that it is hard to see how a paint will look when it is in the house during different times of day. I think I had painted half a wall, and sherri decided the gray was too light. So I had to go back and repaint the wall with a darker gray.

I then repainted the bookshelf white, and added a curtain rod with the poka dot curtains. I kept the black massage chair, and moved it into the corner, and the brown clothing cabinet was moved into the closet.


Eventually I will buy a crib and set it up, but it currently is the storage area for all the baby stuff we have been receiving/picking up.

Overall, I think this room is really beautifully decorated, and my wife did a great job.

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