Random Update: Folders

I got my review at work today for the past year. It was satisfactory. The biggest thing I need to work on is being more “confident” with my material that I sell, and not being as timid. I’m slowlyg working on that, as I continue to really solidify my knowledge of the parts I work with, and how my drawings are made. So that is my goal for this year at work.

I was in my room cleaning stuff up, and trying to throw away old papers. Talking to Vin, we were talking about old school trapper keepers. Where you had teenage mutant ninja turtles, magic eye, cars, or whatever was really awesome. I remember i had a TMNT trapper keeper with tmnt folders inside it. So cleaning out some folders, I found this.

That was my day mostly, with a lot of other interesting thing stuff interweaved into it.

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