answering my own questions

I believe I answer a lot of my own questions when I talk to my roommate. I’m talking to Marc, and sometimes I’m thinking of something to say, and then just as I’m saying it, I remember something else he said to me and then I know the answer. So my conversation goes like this

“Hey Marc, do you want to watch english premier … *i’m thinking* hmm, didn’t marc say he only likes to watch basketball, and baseball, but not any other sports. He also said he never liked playing it when he was little *end thinking* with me. …. oh wait, nevermind, you don’t like soccer.”

Just like that, I think I’m one of those walking thinkers. I could answer life’s questions as I ran or walk. I say this because if I have a question about a problem, I usually have to walk to the professor’s room for his office hour. Usually, during this walking time, I”m thinking about the problem and moving it around my head. So eventually, by the time I get to the professor’s office, my big question is usually down to one small quick question. Then I walk back to the library or my room after it.

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