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AACF had their picnic today for the freshman. There are a lot of them. I met some of them, but not all. There was one guy with a really difficult name to remember, even right now, I”m not sure how it is said. To me his name looked like what would happen if you wanted to name your kid vincent, but it didn’t sound italian enough. I think his name was varerant (I think it was pronounced fair rent, you have to say fair really fast) Then the other guy I rememebered his name because he said “Asian guy with a black name.” His name was Darius.

I think one of the AACF leaders, Alby really loves beisbol. Because he bought with him his set of balls and a bat. He has more stuff for baseball for having a homerun hitting contest. I usually just end up playing with 3 balls. He has 25 tennis balls, 6 beisbols, and 4 soft beisbols. Those soft beisbols are kind of weird. It is squishy on the outside, around half an inch of cushion then a cork. Alby had me throw pitches down the middle to him. And everyone was crushing the balls hard. All those soft baseballs had their outside start ripping because the ball was getting a beatdown from us. Then Steve weston, he just smoked the ball with autority wabac there, over all our heads. I think eventually they wanted me to pitch, because I could accurately throw meat pitches up there. The only problem we ran into was that only 3 of us had brought gloves, so it was hard playing catch.

Everyone else was playing volleyball, and other things.

Our apt now has an internet connection, so I don’t have to use those other wireless neighbors around us. Most of them had not secured their wireless network had really low signal strength, and my wireless card would keep on changing networks. My roommate would make a good electrician, because he has a lot of wires for networking and tv, and has those nails to put the network cables against the wall, and make our place not look so messy and dangerous.

For some reason, I feel so tired for this entire week, my roommate likes to rip me on that, saying “Andrew, you look terrible”. I think out of AACF, I sleep the most out of everyone. Gary the CC, says “Andrew, you have got to stop sleeping”. I think the reason why my metabolism is so high, and I have energy is because I’m on a much healtier sleeping schedule, or it could be I need a heavier sleep schedule to be as active.

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