I’m really tired from yesterday. I don’t like it when I wake up and think I overslept, because this morning I look at the clock and I see 8:20. Then I jump out of bed, because I think i overslept for work. Then I remember that its saturday and go back to sleep.

Yesterday at work was okay. But Vinesh came over to visit me after he flew in from UCLA. So I gave them an abridged tour of the water plant. We were all wearing the visitor helmets, and one of the plant operators drove by in a forklift and was pointing to his head (where he wasn’t wearing a helmet) and saying to us “be careful”. I couldn’t help buy laugh because he was more unsafe then us.

I left work an hour early, because I had to go buy my glasses from the doctor. I was looking at all those frames, and there were some expensive frames there, around 289 dollars. I didn’t even know that glasses frames could get that high. But I didn’t buy those, because to me all the frames mostly looked the same. I just found this really small one.

Vinesh and Edris kept on calling me, becuase they wanted to watch Little Miss Sunshine. So I think we drove to Pleasanton to watch it, but the 5 o clock show was sold out, so they went back to my house. We passed the time at my house, and they helped me throw out this old tv that was sitting around upstairs. Vinesh came out of the mission with a little scratch on his pants.

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