life as a civil engineer makes me =(

I think I know why I would never want to work at a Sewar plant or do a civil engineering job when I finish college. Its still interesting when you meet new problems, but a lot of what I’m doing is repetitive and not too interesting. Just looking at what the engineers do, a lot of them just make plans for fixing a sewer line. I’ve been reading thorugh Bill’s Washington Avenue sewer main replacement submittal. That is one long booklet, 100 pages worth of legal contract wording and drawings. Good thing, I”m going to be a mechanical engineer.

I was looking through 1911 pictures of the water district, there is hardly anything there.

I now know a lot more about those tomatoes that grow big. For some reason those sludge tomatoes get huge, double the size of an average tomato. Must be the iron and poop that is pumping it up.

When my phone vibrates when I drive, I usually have a hard time comprending that I’m getting a call for some reason. I’m sitting there wondering, why is the ground so bumpy, then it occurs to me that its my phone. So I pick it up while I’m driving. And for the past few days, I’ve been seeing a lot of roadkill. I say at least 2 cats, 2 squirrels, and a carcass here and one there.

Ooh, I get to register for classes tomorrow.

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