I think I’m the most relaxed man driving, I don’t get road rage. In bumper to bumper traffice, I just put my arms behind my head and just move with my brake and gas.

Today was family outing day. We went to fremont in the morning. As we (I was driving ) going there, I was driving. And 2 cars in front of me (200 yards), I ‘m driving and all of a sudden I see a tire fly off a bug, and hit a jetta. Then it hits the wall and rolls back onto the freeway. This is still 200 yards in front of me, and my sister and mom are really scared, and yelling at me to stop. I could see where the tire was and the car in front of me was braking. So I gradually pounded on my brakes and stopped 5 feet from the car in front of me.

If i were to ever live in SF, I would need to drive around the city one day at 5am to figure out where all streets go. Because I was driving us home, and I made this giant circle to get to the freeway.

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