new years

I didn’t make any resolutions for new years this year, because I didn’t think of any. And also, if I wanted to do something, I would have started it right away.

So anyways, yesterday. I went to Mike’s house for his new years party. It was really fun once everyone got there. Since itwas a raining really hard yesterday, I didn’t know if I would want to go to his house at 2:00pm. We were going to play some sports if it wasn’t raining. And dinner would start at 6:00pm. So the sun actually came out at around noon time, and I did go to his house at around 3:00pm.

I was the only one at his house from 3:00-6:00. No one was there yet, not even his relatives. So we ended up just playing in the streets. We played some catch with the football. I almost made michael trip when I threw the ball a little too far to the right and his feet kicked the curb just as he caught it. (he lives in a no through street, so we just play in the middle of the road). Then we did some route running. And he almost gunned off my head when we did curls. Those routes are the timing routes, so he throws the ball just as I’m turning around. And we didn’t have any timing down the first time, so I almost turned too late. The ball hit me just as I turned around.
After that I almost ran into a car, we were doing fly routes and I was looking for hte ball over my right shoulder, but he threw it to the left shoulder. And I didn’t turn my head around and just ran towards the ball. And I caught the ball, and very nearly ran into a car.

Eventually, everyone came, and we played some poker. I know why I don’t like to play poker, its because I get bored, and impatient half way into the game. We put in 5 dollars, and for the first hour I played really well. I actually was the chip leader, so I proceded to knock out the first 4 guys (there were 9 guys total including me). Then I started getting bored and didn’t really want to play ( I just wanted the game to end, I think we had played for around one and a half hours). So i just became overtly aggressive and proceded to lose all my chips. The reason I got bored, was because I was sitting next to Alan and Kenneth. And Kenneth was playing serious with his glasses on. And I was sitting around talking and making them all laugh. So it was hard for kenneth to be serious. So eventually, I think Alan wanted to win or something so he said “Andrew, I’ve built a boundary right here between you and me, you can not talk to me now.” Then Kenneth built himself a wall also. So i only had 5 guys left to talk to. So i started talking to willy on the opposite side of the table. And everytime I would forget and start talking to Alan he would say “remember the wall”, Then I would just talk through him to louis who was sitting next to him. Then all of them didn’t want to talk anymore, so I just wanted the game to end, so I decided to just bluff my next 3 rounds, and I got caught on the last one. But I did take both Kenneth and Alan out, so it was worth it.

One of mike’s friend, kenneth made a really tasty potatoe. He had a potato and gutted out most of the insides and put in seasoning and bacon and cheese and threw it back into the potato.

I think eventually, we ended up all sitting in mike’s living room and singing karoke. I think we sang beatles, and some broadway. And my voice died.

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