For me, rain isn’t my forte, I would rather it be snowing then raining. I think its because nobody ever wants to go play soccer, football, or any sports in the rain. Because the water gets in your eyes, and it gets all wet. While snow isn’t as wet because its frozen and you can just wipe it off.

I found out that one of the plant supervisor owns a honey bee farm, because he gave everyone a jar of honey for Christmas. Now, all i have to do is figured out exactly where that farm is located so I can bother him when he’s not working. For a while I always talked about his stomach, because I think for one staright week while his wife and kids were away, he sat at home and ate dinner and a box of haagendaz ice cream each night. I guess he really does have a sweet tooth.

Everyone at work keeps on asking me why I’m not working more during this break. And I told them that I wanted to relax and enjoy life. But I kind of enjoy work, because I get to meet the same people I worked with during the summer. And they remind me of my fellow Mech Eng’s, except as 50 year olds. So I usually try not to take on a task too hard, but i’ve never really made a macro for Excel. And the head engineer comes up to me and says “can you make a macro to transfer all this data, onto equipment work sheets”. Since I’ve kind of see a excel macro work (actually, all i have ever done was watch someone go “record macro”, and then open up Visual Basic”. I said “okay, I can do it”. So it takes me 3 hours, but I eventually make this really nice and long macro that transfers data, and after making 90 different printouts using the macro, I did something else.

Putting up a Christmas tree is so much work when one does it by themselves. It doesn’t seem like it ever ends. so currently I have the tree up with all the lights on it and maybe several ornaments (i mean 6 ornaments) I’ll figure out a way to pump myself up toward finishing it.

I showed my co-worker today at work that game I liked to play freshman year, Truck Dismount”

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