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    I had a really event filled past weekend. It is kind of blurring together. During my first week of break, I did some work on the office and on Friday I had to drive up to Sac State pick up my sister. That drive was so short compared to a drive to SLO.  Then upon coming back I went to V’s house and played more X-men Legends. Now Vinesh likes to mess with my head and sneak in the word x-men into all the end of all his sentences. At the beginning, I thought I was really hearing things, then eventually I knew it wasn’t because he said it after every sentence.

    On saturday I got to go eat dim sum with my grandparents.  They are such nice people, and I helped them do some house work. They had a rodent problem, so I had to go help clean up the mess the rodents left. 

    Sunday, after church I had a Christmas dinner with my dad’s side of the family. I don’t know where those pictures are but they are somewhere.  And on Monday, I had Christmas party with my mom’s side of the family.

I found out that I really like getting gifts now, because if I really wanted it I would already have it. So I’m currently saving up money for my next item.

My family, it looks a little grainy because its not at fully size.

Auntie Betty and the kids.

Uncle Dave hold’s matthew’s toy

    The little boys were playing tag with me and Wesley. So we would try to catch them. Then I played some hide and seek with them. And my favorite thing to do was hide under the dining room table (it wasn’t being used, but had a nice table cover on it) The table cloth went down to the chair seat so I would hold myself up on the chair seats. When Justin, Brian, and Matthew would look under the chairs to see under the table, they wouldn’t see me hiding there.  Baby matthew saw me eventually because he actually walked under the table and saw me, but since he can’t really talk no one else knew.  

    I can’t believe that I said I would do a half day of work on Tuesday. But I did, so I had to wake up early on tuesday morning after staying up late on monday night. If I ever had work, I would want to only have to work the morning, because it feels like I’ve done something for the day, and I have all afternoon off to play and do stuff.

   Finally, because I’m the mechanical engineer in the family, people ask me to fix stuff for them. My dad had me replace the car’s headlights. Then my auntie asked me to fix her karoke microphones, and Zoe’s cd player. ( I got 2 of the 3 things to work. I think I destroyed the cd player, but it was on its last legs anyway because it had a skipping problem and would randomly turn off. Now it doesn’t turn on. =). My auntie says “its a good way to practice to be a dad, because you will have to fix everything”.

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