Tuesday Update
What does a guy like me do when I don’t really have school work to do. I play a lot of video games. Friday night I would have played video games all night long at Johnny’s house if he hadn’t come home. And he didn’t know how I got into the house either because only I was inside.

Then sunday and monday, I played x-men legends with Vinesh to pass more time. While inbetween, I had to put up the Christmas trees and all the decorations (my parents have made me do it for as long as I can remember).

The latest issue of the ASME magazine came out and I was reading through it. They had these letters to the editor talking about CAD drawings, and I read through it and thought he could be correct. Some one who retired from work at Solar Turbines wrote about how a lot of the new workers out of college have never had a design from scratch class in product design. So they don’t really want to develop anything because they have never done it before. Then I was thinking, no wonder my teachers made all those ridiculously hard labs where we have to design something from scratch. It took a while to figure out what to do, but after I made it work, it looks so much easier now.

I did see my grades today, and I don’t have to retake any classes. (that’s hte good news) bad news is that I still got my butt kicked in vibes.

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