Why do i hate programming, because I just spent 3 hours programming and I got nothing to work after all that time. It makes me all mad because of that. So I’m hoping that tomorrow I ‘ll get more done because I ‘ll see other people there in the lab and ask them.

Haha, what was funny today was how I wrote on my away message. I’m in the lab, so I’m in the lab and I talk to Doug online. And he tells me that he was watching me on the ME webcams, so I did some random things in the lab like jumping jacks,pushups and other things. I felt like a sim, because my friends were asking me to do some random things because they wanted to see how quick the delay was.

I picked up my keyboard from the place that Ronald lives. I will have to return the keyboard because its not the correct one. So I need to send it back. That thing is a big baloga of a keyboard.

Finally, my driving was really bad today. I tried to parallel park, and it took me 3 tries to get in. Becuase the first 2 times, I didn’t do it the correct way, so my tire touched the sidewalk. But I then went through the right method and voila I get in. And when I was driving back home, my cup of soda dropped on my pants as I was driving. So I was very uncomfortable as I drove back. With one hand on the wheel and the other holding my drink.

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