Why some magic tricks are +18 years or older

Haha, I love the magic tricks that are +18 or older. So I was doing the smoke trick, which you can see in youtube vidoe i uploaded a month ago.

Anyways. one of my co-worker has been itching to see what new stuff I had to show him. They call me the “magic man” at work…

So I did the trick for him, and Nicole. Then a project manager walks by and wants to see the trick. So I show it to him too. Here is where I learn the power of fire. I’m using some old matches I found in the kitchen. So the sticks were breaking as I was trying to light it up. Trying to stiffen it up, I choke up on the match sticks a lot and strike it .

Guess where the tip of my thumb was located after i struck the match, it was on top of the head of the match, and as it started to light up, it was too hot for me, so I just smashed it back down with my thumb, then dropped the match. My co-worker went “wow, that looked painful”. Zach the other engineer looks at my finger and goes “that looks like a good 2nd degree, you might feel it for a while”.


So for the rest of the morning my thumb had a slight throbbing sensation. It didn’t really affect too much things, because I don’t use my right thumb while typing. The only time I used my thumb was when I was doing stuff on my phone. What did it feel like? Remember when you played the nintendo and it gave you a blister on your thumb, that is what it felt like as I was trying to do stuff with the thumb.

Hmm, I guess I didn’t really tell you how I felt about getting burned. Well in in my mind I was mostly thinking, “aww, I messed up. Mental note, don’t stick thumb on match tip when lighting it”. So it was not really dissappointment or anger, more of a surprise, then a positive thought about how since I messed up this time, the next time will be so much better.

Graceland retreat is tomorrow, so I’m going to take tomorrow off to study and fix up the final things for the retreat. I have some interesting things going on in my mind for the games, if i didn’t have to study for the PE I might have had a more extravagent buildup.

I’ll do a future post that will appear at 8am on saturday morning that will show you what games I came up with. It will be on par with EPICNESS (or I hope it will be).

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