April 1st, or Fools day

Today, I got to eat breakfast with Dennis. I’m not sure what he is on, but he has been waking up early to preparing his youth pastor stuff all the time

So before I went to see him, I ran into my office to print out some stuff. The closest thing I did as a April Fool’s joke in the office was hang up the smiley face on the door. IMAG0146

Then Dennis called me at 6:30 am to confirm. I guess he thought I was doing an Aprils fool joke on him, by wanting to have breakfast at 7am with him. Which I found out later when while we were paying for our food. When we were checking his facebook status, and how he tagged me.

It is pretty interesting how while we were talking about things, it went from light to serious to light really fast. I didn’t even notice it but we were actually talking about things especially for youth group. Mostly about how to challenge the youth, and to help them learn to understand and take their faith seriously.



Then I come home and see that I’m wearing opposite colored socks. I guess that is what I get for pulling socks out of the drawer in the dark, and doing everything while it pitch black.

Then a random thought came into my head, as a kid i use to actually roll my socks up into balls and then throw it into the drawer. However, I once saw my uncle just fold down the top of his socks, so that is how I do it now. Then I start thinking, I wonder what other people do with their socks.

Finally, I started packing for the Retreat, since I wanted to bring a towel, I thought it would be cool to bring a beach towel. So which one should I bring? =) Its too easy of a choice. =P

For Road runner, I once had a speech class, and someone did an improv speech on road runner. One of the funniest lines I remember was when the guy said, I bet road runner had a naughty mouth. That was why all he said was “beep beep”, becuase he got bleeped out. So when ever he runs by wily e coyote he is cussing at him. =)

Time to go and write tomorrow post really fast.

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