Smiley Faces and Girl Senia

Today should be a fun post. So at work, there are two sides of the office, the engineering side and the admin side. Let us say that on the engineering side, we have higher moral. And one of the ways we were trying to improve moral was by just wearing smiley face masks. =).

We also want to make shirts that say “You don’t schedule me, I schedule me”. So I guess we are kind of the rebel group of the company. For some reason all the engineers like to walk around in their socks, not sure why. But we also all wear white athletic socks, not the dark ones with our dress shoes. =)

If you are not my facebook friend, then you would not have seen this is my co-worker making one at first. Using a greyscale coloring of a smiley face. We joked about how he gave the smiley face a nose. =)
Cute picture of me as a kid coming up.

So this leads to my next thing I was going to blog about. So I support a girl name Senia De Coca in El Salvador through World Vision. I think I might be the worse sponsor in the world. I never really write to the girl (she’s only 3) and worse of all, I don’t really send back those cards when World Vision sends me stuff to give to her. However, I think this year, I really want to make sure that I try hard to write to this girl and bless her as much as God has blessed me. So I actually signed back a card for her birthday this year.

Maybe I’ll send her a picture of myself.

What is a story I don’t think I’ve ever talked about is how I actually started supporting a kid thorugh world vision. It was my super senior year of college, and a musician from tennessee came over to play at AACF for a worship night. So anyways he was talking about how great it is to support another kid and know that I will have a chance in really letting something show Christ’s love to her. (So world vision worker in El Salvador, I hope you are doing a good job, because if we ever meet on earth or in heaven, i’m going to ask you this)

As I was looking at the names of the kids, the first thing that struck out to me was this boy that had the same birthday as me. He was from Ghana, and his name was Alvera Mendoza …. (oh my, I forgot his name). That kid was 4 years old, and I had him until the middle of 2009 when they told me that I didn’t need to support him anymore. =(. The weird thing is that I actually keep all my stuff that they have ever sent me. So I have footprints and handprints from him.
I was going to say the funniest thing I did for him was that for Christmas, I wanted him to be a good soccer player, so I didn’t send him a chicken or anything, only soccer balls. =). I’m hoping that in 15 years, I might see him play in the world cup, and I’m going to go root for Ghana that year. Sorry USA, but I might have to root for my kid.

Sometimes I like to talk about things that happened in my life. One of the things that I always wanted to do early was make sure that I remembered God, and thank him daily for the blessings he has given me. Things like sponsoring the child, kind of seemed like an analogy of how God has walked me though my life. How even when I didn’t have a job or money, I still wanted to make sure I blessed the kid, because of how much God still has given me. It also keeps me grounded in knowing that I need to remember to give God what is his, whether it is praise for helping me do well on a project, or for having a program go well.

What have I been working on myself personality/character wise? So I have been working hard on my leadership especially in a spiritual sense. The next step I have been trying is making sure that I say things whether it be advice or just a postive encouragment (just like k-love). because I was talking to pastor Josh once and He told me that melissa has a keen insight into seeing people’s spiritual gifts. He told me that she could tell I have good “Godly wisdon/insight”, but the problem was that I don’t say it outloud when I should, things that would encourage a brother or sister in Christ. I might think it in my mind, but I don’t verbally say it outloud to let them know (too bad they can’t read my mind, then I wouldn’t have to say it).

So my goal, is to make sure that if I talk to someone, I verbally encourage them while also giving out insight if I have any. But I think mostly the encouragment/thank is the best way, because it lets the person know that I really do want to be there. =)

Challenge me , and Smile !


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