why are my classes hard

i don’t know, but they are. The person who invented statics, dynamics, thermo and strength of material must have been really smart. Why?, because those classes are hard. It took me 8 hours to do my homework. And i took one hour on one problem, gave up, and came back to it the next day before i could finish it. The stuff itself is easy, but once it is applied to objects it gets hard. I was working on a problem that had 2 bars that had a wires attaching them together. With a force pulling down on it. They wanted me to find the force that would be exerted on each wire. So i was working through that problem, and my answers kept on coming out wrong. I was getting mad. I knew i had the right equations. But i think i had the wrong numbers, so i eventually started doing the problem backwards. Even then. I couldn’t get the right numbers. So i eventually just fudged some numbers. On the other hand. I did figure out the rest of hte problems.

| | |
| | |
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After doing my strength of materials homework. I think i have tunnel thinking when ido homweork, because i get all zoned in on a way of doing a problem. I don’t really think about others ways, or notice that my answer can be done differently. And also if i’ve never seen the problem, it gives me more problems, unless, i’ve seen it before.

Chris is too nice. He always gives me a ride to church. Now i want to get an orange beanie just like him. It’s not too tough getting out of bed early now. It’s just getting tougher to walk outside when it’s really cold, and it will take me at least 15 minutes to walk to class. I need a beanie to keep my ears warm.

I’m addicted to another game now. i found this game online I believe it is in beta. So i was playing it. It’s like a cross between graal and final fantasy. With the fighting final fantasy style. But in 2d stand alone.

I’ll write more, when i do more exciting things. instead of studying. Even though studying can be exciting, if i had an announcer behind me doing hte play by play. They should have a show, where they film students studying for their mcad or soemthing. It is like survivor, they stay up all night studying, drinking coffee. And the annoucer could say things like “Whoa, did you see that move. Brilliant, pulling out his dictionary.” or they will do stuff like

“Let’s look in on Andrew as he is studying. Stu give us a report”
“Sure, it seems andrew has reached a roadblock. How is he going to overcome this problem. Lets see. He currently has laid out his whole arsenol of equations. And has 10 equations on the paper. He is trying to decide which one to choose. It’s a tough choice, whether to go for moments , or sum forces in a direction. Wow, he just got his second wind, he’s pulling out another equation. And is using it. Wow, that equation is whipping everything into shape now. Yahooo, he’s got the answer.

Okay, no more of this fantasy.=). Or else i’ll never start on my work.


because Andrew doesn’t like writing too much today

i was just reading a friends blog and he had a link to another blog. It was very interesting reading as to why he believed girls are evil. the link. I’m not sure what to say to that, but it was interesting.

Actually on second thought. I do know what i was saying. YOu know why i’m going to say it, because i’m not passive and i like stepping on people’s feet. It gives me some height if i was standing on your feet too. And how much damage can i possibly do???. … I was intrigued by it. If you think about it, its hard to tell when girls are flirting with you. Well for me it is. Or maybe no girl is flirting with me. That is the quandary. Girls just like to talk and they will talk to most people. I’ll find out. I”ll put on my detective cap and start a web search. They say its in the eye contact. I don’t know. i wonder what kind of eyes i have. Can people really see how i feel by looking at my eyes. I wonder where the twinkle comes from.

Hahahaha, a tiny fly just flew into my lightbulb, and landed on it’s back. That must have really hurt. It would be like me falling off the empire state building. But unlike a fly, i wouldn’t survive the fall. So here is the fly on it’s back, i think it’s dead so i blow it off the piece of paper. Then it starts jiggling its legs around. No more fun. I pull out my post it note. stick the sticky side to the fly, warp up the paper and throw it away. Good night fly.<

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