hmm, i didn’t blog today. Interesting

I thought i did blog. Maybe it was because i blogged at 12:30 in the morning. Anyways. I stopped playing that game fairyland. I played it for 1 day and i thought to myself. I should be sleeping. Then i went through all the pro’s and con’s, and the con’s won so i dropped it.

Then i woke up late today. My class starts at 8:10, but my teacher is always late. He gets there at 8:15. It was 8:16 on my clock. So i took a minute to think ot myself. Should i go to class. So i decided to go. Because it only meets 2x a week for 90 minutes. So i still had more then half the class left. So i sprinted, when nobody was looking. I was about to skip when i saw some people coming by so i slowed down to a walk.

I love my exercise ball. I can do every thing on it. As long as i don’t do situps and then pushups in that order.

I was thinking about “The passion of the Christ” movie. I’ve been hearing it a lot on l-life. I heard mel gibson’s interview with Dr. Dobson. from focus on the family. I really like the other radio show after it, family life, with the two guys. I don’t know how to spell their names. But i’ve gone through one of their books called “boundaries”. They were talking about argument with others.
They were relating it to husband and wife, and family. Well they were talking about how if you get into an argument, you have to introspec yourself before you go on. It was because usually arguments arise when you expect, or want something to happen. You don’t see it’s your own desire that you want to happen. They were talking aobut how to confront or tell someone about their own problem in a non-confrontation way. I thought about it all day. I think they were correct because I will usually argue if i’m defending myself. Or if somebody’s style or way of doing something annoys me. Which really doesn’t happen that often. I lke to not shout and yell, because it hurts my throat. I notice that when i’m arguing i usually watch what I saw even more carefully. I don’t speak as much maybe, and i also don’t want to get the other person even hotter. So i might be thinking about saying how they are always doing this _____ wrong. I would end up just clapping my hands. That’s how my sister knows when i’m mad. When i’m mad and want to yell, i just clap my hands. I bet you it is funny, but i think it works. Because my sister knows that she has made me upset, and since i don’t say anything she doesn’t have anything to say back to me. And then we walk away. Eventually 1 hour later, she will come back and we apologize.

Finally, I was putting my blogs up to the gender genie. From the results, it states that all my entries were written by a female. I abhor this program, because I want to use all the words i want. Currently, according to the I have a 2:1 ratio of female to male words What is up with that?

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