what riles me

I’m not one to get mad easily, but I do get offended. But there is one thing that I still am a little fumed over because of what a guy did today. I was practicing my card tricks during lunch, because I had some time inbetween class. He comes up while I’m practicing (I’m practicing my joker tricks), then I give him my bicycle card Joker. Then he does his trick where he says “i’ll make your Joker”, and he rubs it really good, to the point where he’s crumpled up the card. Then he says “you now have a crumpled Joker”, and gives me back a crumpled joker. Boy, I was a little pissed off by that because I was practicing with the Joker and now I have to go and buy a new box of cards to get more jokers for the trick.

I guess I just don’t like it, when someone delibertately goes and breaks something that I lend to them on purpose. I wouldn’t get as mad if it just randomly broke, but he goes and messes it up in front of me. While I was still using it. Okay, now I’ve done venting.

One of my teacher is unclear about what he wants from students. So everyone in my lab hour didn’t know that we had to go talk to him about our 406 project. So we waited for a week wondering when will we get back info on our project. … Anyways, down to the meat and potatoes. He shot down all our ideas, (self solving rubic cube, high tech trashcan, clock) , so we were thinking and we finally came up with an idea that he thought would be cool and make him excited. We are going to make a cooler or luggage that has adaptive wheel control. So when i person walks with the luggage the motor will be powered and move in the direction the person is pushing / pulling it.

We had our first video conference with our senior project sponsor. And there are some weird stuff in the design room. There is a senior project about gears in there. All these gears rotate and push this pole down then it goes back up. Then there is something that looks like a taco bell tortilla warmer in the back of the room.

Tomorrow will be even more interesting then today.

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