funny in my tummy

I love taking open book, open note tests, because what I don’t know I just learn while I’m taking the test. Anyways, today I had an easy test in ME 406. It was just programming ladder logic. The only hard part was the true/false question and the short answer. Those totalled up to 25% of the test. And it all relied on me saying “true/false” on one question. Since I didn’t really know the answer, I just read through all my notes, and I eventually came up with good answers.

Right after class, I go to my next class. We show up (several other people in my ME class are in my senior seminar class), and we see that the class is cancelled. This is a one unit, meet once a week class, and its really intersting seeing everyone just stand in front of the door hanging out. Since we were standing in front of hte door, other students that didn’t check their email thought that there was a class in there, so by that time I think we made 5 other students think we were waiting for class while in actuality we were talking about our project.

Time for the funny stuff. Yesterday, I was sitting in my senior project meeting. There are 2 other people with me in this team. Heather, and Tell. We had a 12:30 meeting with the teacher. I think we were a good 20 minutes into our meeting. Then I caught my teacher looking at Heather’s chest, and Heather saw him looking there also. The teacher wasn’t looking at me, but I was about to laugh. Heather saw me trying so hard not to laugh, so when the teacher turned and looked at me, I had to put my head down. Then when he was looking at Tell, Heather went and zipped up her jacket.

Finally, the best part of yesterday occurred at lunchtime. I was talking about how vinesh and I have this james bond level meter next to us. Currently, we are trying to reach level 7 (its arbitrary how we gain levels, but it has to be something that could be done to make a lady melt) So, I was trying to come up with a nickname, like the smelter. So anyways, I was talking to Kenny and we were discussing whether this set of lines would make a girl feel really good about herself. The first person that I see that would be said to would be Cat, and with Ed’s permission, I go to see if it works. But alas, I guess she doesn’t like compliments. So it is back to the board to come up with better lines. But I came up with this great one thou, there were these really strong scented pencils. So I would pick it up and smell it and say “it smells just like you … (long pause) … wonderful”. And then Kenny laughed at that line, and made me demote myself down to a level 3 James Bond.

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