What have i learned about ime

I have a great appreciation for people who spray paint cars and make it look nice. I was finishing up my ime continunity tester. And I kept on scratching my paint, becuase I didn’t give it the full amount of time to dry. I didn’t know that I should wait at least 24 hours. I only waited around 10-12 hours for it to dry. So my paint was in the moist mode, where i could make little imprints on it. And spray paint takes a long time to get off your hands. I had to wait until it was dried on my skin, so it would start peeling, because water would not take it off.

I heard the most unusual excuse for postponing a test. I think that’s what happens when you take tech electives, the teachers want to make the class as chill, and fun as possible. For my acoustics class, we have to learn a whole book, and one chapter would be how much a lot of other colleges learned in one quarter. We have to know around 4-5 chapters. So the teacher tried to help limit the scope. But anyways, he remade his syllabus and passed it out to class. And the test would be on monday, feburary 6. And some one raised his hands, and said “Can you postpone the test until wednesday, because of the super bowl?”. And the teacher thought for a moment and said “sure”. I think that was the funniest excuse for postponing a test.

In thermodynamics, the teacher was talking about how in the morning if you look at the ground, you see the bumblebees walking down on the ground. Because they can’t generate enough energy, becuase its too cold. So he was telling us how when he was in college, they caught the male bumblebees and threw them in the freezer for 10 minutes. Then they would get some super glue and glue a string to the back of the bee. And then have that string attached to a block. Then they bring the bee’s out to the sunlight. Then they would watch the bees fly around in circle, and calculate the energy or the flight dynamics of the bees. Those are the really interesting teachers, the ones that gives history and information like that. Like our teacher also told us how a doctor invented the air conditioner to help cool down patients with yellow fever.

I should make something and sell it on ebay.

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