winter makes my mind go into hibernation

For some reason winter quarter is the hardest quarter for me to want to study and do work for. This year, I tried to give myself an easier winter quarter, and I seem to be less interested in school. I have more of an urge to go do side projects. Thats is what i have been doing a lot. I have been working on 3d drawing, which is much more different then 3d modeling. That program named Blender has so many tools in it that I do not know how anyone remembers how to use them.

And I did watch the superbowl yesterday, and the reason I did not update my blog was because I was really tired after eating. Lets say I was at my friends house and we stuffed ourselves. I told them I was going to make a surprise. So I went on the internet and saw that Krafts food said potatoe skins would be good for the super bowl appetizer. I go to the whole foods grocery store because its closer then albertson. And because its all natural and organic, the food is more expensive, and I was looking for bacon bits, but there were not any so I had to buy bacon. Lets say, if you looked at what I had in my hand, it was the most healtiest, unhealthiest collection of food, I had cheese,bacon, and sour cream.
What was really interesting was the girl behind the counter. She kind of looked goth like, but she kept on looking at me. I think she had a crush on me, because she kept on sneaking looks at me. Even when she was helping the guy in front of me.

But anyways, we ended up stuffing ourselves by halftime, full of potatoe skins, chips and dip, chicken wings, garlic bread, pizza, and a lot of soda. I had a hard time walking back to my place, because I was really sleepy from all that food, and my stomach was telling me that I had too much food, and it would take a while for it to be consumed.

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