A is for Andrew, and B is for Bored, and W is for work. And when I put the words together ABW, it means I don’t like to work. Yeah, I was working in the kitchen again today. And now, I just don’t want to work there anymore. I know how people feel now, when they work in a job that goes no where, and with so much turnover its not really fun, because I don’t know any of the people well. So when I work there, I don’t really enjoy it anymore. I think it means, I’m ready for a more challenging job.

And today in my ime lab, we were working on our projects. And one of the things we had to do was finish it up, and there would be no open labs until it was due on thursday. So I take my piece of metal and run back to my place. And I spray paint it. And because the lab is only 3 hours long. I try to dry it as quickly as possible. But it doesn’t try quick, and I like touching the metal to see if it has dried. But it usually hasn’t. So my paint job is really bad. So I’ll have to spray on maybe 2 more coats tomorrow to make it look nice, and not beat up. One other thing, I found that spray paint is hard to get off your hands.

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