what a day

I had a doubleheader today. Math and Strength of materials. The math final wasn’t too hard, i knew hwo to do all the problems, except i didn’t really know how to verify my answers for hte last 3 problems. It was either too hard, or i ran out of time.

Then i had strength of materials right after, and i was mentally drained. I think i only had 4 problems worth of juice in my brain. Because i was taking the test and breezing through. I finished the first 4 problems, and was half way through the 5th one when i started blanking out and not knowing what to do.


Okay, today i’m going to talk about good day, bad day. Why do i have a topic for today, well its because i was thinking about it. In the morning as i was studying i was thinking, will today be a good day or bad day. Then i started to list things that would make it a good day to me, and things that would make it a bad day for me. So i concluded that if i did well on my finals it would be a good day. I was thinking, that is a really bad reason for a day to be good or bad. If something doesn’t go your way, it is bad? I think that good and bad days are really all in a person’s perspective. Don’t you notice on a really good day, you don’t get annoyed as easy.


Haha, a song has just popped into my head. Do you remember that show with the kids that would sing. What was it call? put on a happy face Somthing like that, they had a song when they were at the circus.


Now you can comment all you want. I hope everyone has a good spring break. I’m not sure how often i will blog during spring break. But you never know. I might just blog enough for a whole year tonight.

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