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Okay quick post, yesterday was an interesting day. I sat in my house, and watched T3. The ending was interesting, it got me thinking about predetermination and the future. It is weird for me to think that God knows my future already before i know it, i wonder if my future keeps on changing or is it set in stone right now, because he knows what i’m going to choose. Weird isn’t it just thinking about it. It’s like watching a movie but you know everything that happens in the movie, but the person acting it doesn’t know what comes next. Even though you do. And you know how they will react to it also.


So i went to vinesh’s house and played his james bond everything or nothing game. It is so fun, the co-op mode is the best part of the game. We kept on running around hiding behind the walls and shooting, too fun. =)


Then we went to matt rosenbrock’s house and there we hung out with him. Hahha, his dog kept on harrassing me. Only vinesh and I ate pizza. Vinesh was sitting on a chair and i was standing around the island in the middle of the kitchen. So was all the other 3 people. We were talking and his dog max was walking around smelling us. His dog must have thought i was going to feed it because it kept on coming to me. Haha, it would stand at my knees and just stare at me. It wouldn’t be bad but then it would bark at me every once in a while. Then his mom got the dog to go away. So i was eating in peace again. All of a sudden the dog came back down and i wanted to see if the dog was just chasing after me or something. So i was on one side and the dog came up to me, and was staring at my food again. i then walked around to the other side while matt was messing with his dog, and the dog walked around the island just to stand back in front of me. What a weird dog, whoever holds the food holds the power. Why wasn’t it going after vinesh?

It was acting just like edris’s cat. I remember i was at edris’s place, and his cat was nowhere in the family room. And i was helping edris set up the game cube so i was plugging in the plugs and i felt something touching me under my armpit near my ribs. I jumped and i his cat jumped and ran away. edris said something that hte cat liked me and was rubbing against me while i was hooking the game console up. I think it just scared me because it came out of nowhere and i wasn’t expecting it.


Then we were driving back to our place and edris said something about the white prelude next to us wanting to race. So vinesh decides to follow the car, it’s mufflers are off, and you can hear it. So we followed it back up our hill, and then vin turns off his headlights and follows it. Then that car stops driving once we stop. Then they turn around and follow us as we turned around. Vinesh then procedes to drive really slow back up towards are place. They were driving next to us, and edris and I were ducking. We could hear their car. Eventually they stopped following us and we hear them shout something like “cowboy up” or something.


I was reading the castro valley forum, and i read about how the police catch transients in castro valley doing bad things. In all 8 reports, all of them are transients caugh shop lifting, being drunk, and disturbing the peace.

Time to go do something else, because since i don’t think too many people read my blog, i don’t really feel like talking anymore about it.

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