don’t you hate it when you study really hard for a section in a text and see that it is not on the final, and something that you didn’t study as hard on was on the final?. Me too, i had my physics final at 7:00am. =). I didn’t oversleep even though i didn’t fall asleep until 12:00. I”ll talk about that in a minute. Last night during my study time, i kept on looking over the faraday, rc circuit, and ampere’s laws. The teacher hadn’t talk much on it, so i really didn’t know what those subjects were. All his notes were derivatives, it didn’t tell me how to solve the problems, it just gave me the formulas. That’s the bad thing about physics, if you don’t know what the letter stands for, you don’t know what to do. I spent my time trying to figure those parts out and i went over another part of my notes really quickly, becuase during class that day, i didn’t have my contacts on, so my notes were incomplete. And that example happened to be on the final. =(. The only good thing is that i knew how to do at least 2/5 of the problem, the beginning part. Which was the hardest, becausei i somehow had figured that out. but it took me forever, i only remembered to use one formula when i heard the teacher telling a student up there what to do. That’s why i sit in the front of hte class, so i can hear other student’s question.


Okay, anyways i woke up at 5:40 this morning, but i was tired and it was early, and i didn’t want to study anymore. So i drop back into my sleep. And i had a weird dream. I was dreaming that i was in a circus training grounds. People were talking about hte elephants, and how the elephants should do better stunts. Then we broke into groups of 5 and sailed out of hte circus. I was in a raft with the main characters from Lord of the Rings, and we somehow sailed into a great hall, and we ran down the hall, i just ran behind them, and they took out all the bad guys in front. Then i woke up. And it was only 6:15. I looked outside my window at 6:40 and it looked bright. I thought, maybe my clock is wrong, and it is suppose to be 7:40. So i turned on my computer to check the time. Such trickery.


Get the swagger.



haha, i have holey learning, i either know somehting really well, or not at all. Well i can make things up on the spot but i won’t get it correct. I knew 4/5 of the statics final. I knew 4 out of hte 5 questions. And the worst thingabout it was that hte question i didn’t know, was a homework question that i didn’t know how to do, but want to figure out. But never did figured it out. =)

ASDF, i just saw my sister’s blog and she has lost it. I hope she doesn’t destroy my room. Dear God, i pray for my sister, that you will comfort her Ah, okay, my room is safe now. I don’t want to go home on saturday and see a war going on in there. Hahaha, and i’ll get to see my shakey body. That’s what my little cousin Zoe calls my bobblehead. Should i sell my miguel tejada bobble head? I notice that i don’t own a lot of things. Sure i’ll like gadgets, but i don’t need them. Every new gadget i get isn’t that useful. That’s why you never see me carry any gadgets around. I like making things up to do or playing with objects that you usually won’t think of as fun.

Speaking of which, i’m going to have a paper plane contest right now. I’m goign to take my statics homework and physics homework and folding them into planes. I’m going to make a hoop and hang it from the sprinkler. =). The first plane i make will be called alpha. And then everything after that will get whatever name comes to my head. Like chopstick, and pink purple monkey #1-#10. And a blue elephant…..

No more of that. Don’t you hate it when you get spam comment, I just looked onto my log and i got a comment spam from some porn site, but it was on a page of my blog that i wrote 2 months ago. So i didn’t even noticed it until i was fixing my log. I think it’s time to study/sleep. If i could sleep and study together at the same time, It would make my time more efficient. Since i sleep 8 hours that would be a good 8 hours of studyings.

Fianlly, i was looking at myself in the mirror, I’m not as flabby as i thought, even though i haven’t worked out in the last 3 weeks. my body still has some bumps. I look like terrell owens on the cover of espn. =) A freak of nature.

If you think some people are blogaloholic, I must be on the top 1%. Updating if i’m sitting in front of my computer.

I think this shows what i do online, nothing. I sit there and then i think, i’ll just blog. Wow, another long blog.

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