Weekend Mega Update Mix-Post


Okay, todays post will require you to sit down, because it will be a megapost of what I did thursday, friday, saturday, and sunday.

My weekend has been pretty intense until today. Thursday, I was trying to get my project done by the end of the weekend. They gave me 160 hours to work on a project that gave me a due date within 2 weeks (so 80 hours). 🙂 So to try to make up time, I went to work earlier on thursday morning (6am) and put in 12 hours that day.

Then I topped it off by going out to SF that night. Went to the Sip and Bar Lounge, because my friend who goes to another church had an outreach their. One of the laides from that church was a dj, so she was djing that night. It was really fun, and there were so many people there, becuase one of the people invited all their “Yelp” co-workers.

My favorite interaction was with one yelp engineer, he bowed to me because he went “you are a real engineer, unlike me and my psuedo engineer”. =)

Then to finsh off the night, I dropped off a pint glass my friend had asked me to get them one. Some of those streets in SF just make me laugh. She lives in essentially an alleyway, so I just drove my car down an alley fit for one car. Then just ended up in front of her apartment, where the door opens into the alley. =)


Then on Friday after work (I was running on Green Tea and Will Power all day) I went out to SF, to “Off the Grid” with Kaley. There was so much food there to try and eat.

We had beers, lumpias, raw tuna on friend wonton, waffle chicken sandwich, chicken satay, creme bruele (there was frosted flakes on top of it), pork belly buns, and a cupcake (Kaley had salted duche de leche, and I had red velvet).


The brass knuckle had the raw tuna and waffle sandwich.


That was the creme bruele with frosted flakes, it was cool how it went so well.


There was this cute dog while I was waiting in line for the lumpia. It was attracting so many people’s attention. =)


We took the cupcakes home in a to-go box. So the cupcake came out with the cream all fallen over in the box. Kaley’s picture of the cupcake makes it look really nice, mine was from the other side, so if you want to see perfect cupcakes go to her blog. =)

My favorite interaction of the night at “Off the Grid” was when I saw a friend that I knew mostly from middle and some of high school. I really knew her fiance more, because I have been playing fantasy football with him each year for the past 8 years.

So I see her and I recognize her, however I guess she didn’t recognize me. She sees me looking at her, and looks behind her. However, I notice she didn’t remember me, so I go “Hey Stephanie _____”. She looks at me with a look of bewilderedment and says “How do you know who I am?”

I think tell her if she remembers me, but I guess she doesn’t. Good thing my friend Vinson (fiance) comes at that time, and he says hi to me. =) It would have been awkward if he wasn’t there, she might think i was a creepy stalker that somehow been following her.

After “off the gird”, we played “Just Dance 2”. My favorite song was “big girls”, it was so funny to dance to that. Kaley thought I played the game too much, because I was pretty good, and was singing along to some of the songs. I like a lot of the songs where you get to shake your butt. =)

Saturday was more of a relaxing day. I slept a lot to make up for the past few days. And in the afternoon, I went around looking at houses. Most of the places I am looking for are in Newark, Fremont, Union City. I have been eyeing mostly single family house, that are 3 beds and 2 baths. So most of the houses are used that are in my budget and requirement there.

Along the way, I also dropped by the new townhouses that are being built near downtown hayward. Those houses look nice, 3 bed ,3 baths, 1600 square feet. It is interesting how buildings are designed to maximize all the space they have.


One kitchen/dining room/living room is where I”m standing in.


Kitchen/Dining, and Living Room.

So these townhouses looked so nice, but I don’t think I would buy them just because I really want a backyard, and no neighbors sharing a wall. I might be a loud neighbor (how else can I jam at night).



After looking at houses, I went over to Vinesh’s place and we played rock band. Too bad the 100 foot hdmi cable from the input to the projector created a lot of latency with the game. And the latency isn’t even consistent. It would go from 70ms to 100ms.



Saw this painting on the floor, on the way walking to chruch.


Then today after chruch, since the youth and some young adults were at the youth retreat, there was no sunday school. So I took the time to just walk though downtown hayward and walk into some antique shops and other things.


Ate at this hot dog place.


Hahaha, I started laughing when I saw this. There was a kid in a mask and bat just standing on the side of the road as I was driving to fremont. This is how you start a horror movie.




Finally for the end of afternoon, I went on a nice train ride from fremont to sunol and back. Talked to an engineer that was sitting across from us, and he was telling me some info about the train and the tracks. =) Walked around some antique shops, and ate sushi.





That was my day until 9:02pm. And the best part is there is one more day to my holiday weekend. Hooray.

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