Memorial Day BBQ!

Woohoo, more days of eating and enjoying friends and family.


So for the young adult BBQ, there were around 15 people who showed up. Half of them that didn’t show up were at the youth retreat being counselors.

I brought kebobs, so on my soaked stick I put shrimp, bell peppers, onions and mushrooms. To top it off, I spread pepper, and bacon grease on the shrimp when it was grilling. =). Magical experience upcoming from it.


So Emily made scones, and it had bacon, cheese, and something in there. I was in doug’s room, so I saw the recipe/website he was using.

They were so tasty, and the bacon grease was what I used for my kebobs.


Those chimmy’s were so useful, I don’t know how we use to bbq without those.


There were grilled yams which are covered with cinnamon, and the scones were on top.


That salsa was so good.


Grilling the kebobs, there was chicken, kalbi beef to the right.


We were putting the bacon grease in this “orange maramalade jar”, hope no one tried to spread that on bread. =)


Kristina was trying to pick Doug’s Oranges so she could make some jam or something when she went home.


Then to finish off the day there was chocolate chip cookies, cheesecake, and pie.

To top off the night, we kind of had a singalong. There were only 6 of us left, but if you have ever been to Doug’s House. He has a grand piano and an upright piano in his living room. His roommate plays in musicals, so has a lot of sheet music. We pulled out all the disney music sheets, and sung along. =) So we made Emily play, (hahah, i am not as good because I was actually trying to sight read it, she was just adlibbing and looking at it.

Then after a while, I got on the upright piano, and we would play the pianos in unison together (Mostly Emily would lead, and I would just play along to what she played). We were joking around and playing some michelle branch, and 90’s songs from my memory. We tgeb played Doug’s favorite Britney spears song “Everytime”.

So I will practice my piano music, so I can have piano bar style singalong. Which people always seem to enjoy.

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