This was suppose to be blogged yesterday

However, there is something magical about me sitting in a bed. I can’t stay away, even when i was trying to blog on my phone. I dropped the phone on my face because i’m laying on my back typing it. =) So I didn’t upload it at all yesterday.

So today I’m typing it on my computer before I sleep. IMAG0478

Yesterday’s cup from lagunitas was the cool one. I always think of drinking orange crush out of a glass like that, must be because the first time I had a glass like that, it was for pop soda.

So I think I’ll sleep now, going to try to see if I can do some magic powers and make my body just work super hard. I have 2 projects due friday, =(, and the worse part is that I’m only 85% done with the first project. That will take me at least 4 more hours to complete, then I have another project right behind it on its tail. =(. Might have to pull an all nighter tomorrow.

Now for my interesting thought of the day. I was sitting there planning stuff to do for the weekend. And it occured to me that I am pretty good at planning things which ensures that we will have a fun time. I was thinking about how my friends once didn’t have a plan and had me come out, and all I did was go out there and come back because we didn’t plan it out.

I once had a date with a girl, I planned out the first 2 dates, and they were really great (that is what the girl said). Then she wanted to plan the 3rd one, it was pretty interesting because her date was kind of bad. =) What happened was she wanted to do restaurant hopping, but she kind of got lost going from place to place (it was a surprise what the places were, so I didn’t know our location either). With the last restaurant being across from the improv theatre. Too bad the theatre wasn’t opened that day =). But we salvaged it, so it was a decent night.

So i think she figured out why if I plan a date, I try to keep the places really close, and build around the main attraction. Then I do one psychological thing I learned from doing magic tricks. Where when I give the date a choice on what to do, or eat. They usually choose the first item you say if they have no preference at all. So I usually state the first thing I like the most as the first one. 😉

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