WE Players do odysseus on Angel Island

Last year I saw the we players do Hamlet on alcatraz. This year they did their version of “The odysessy” on Angel Island.

Essentially our play was we were guys trying to go find odysseus, so we went along with his son telemechus. IMAG0352

So I always look for these guys at tiburon ferry. The thing went from 10-4pm.


There were so many school kids around


I somethings think I am going to jurassic park when I see the island like this.


So they made it a more interactive play. So you can interact with the characters a little more. For the beginning I had to play in a game of tug of war with the suitors to win Penelope’s heart. Hhahahaha, I slipped, it was really funny.

Those are the band members that I will see throughout the island.


I love how they use all the buildings and reimagine them as something else.


Embark now to the island.


It was a 4.1 mile trek, and a 2 mile tram ride back from the other side. IMAG0383

The “We players” put up their flag


This was the land of air, imagine 20/30 year olds running around like kids fluttering.




We are at the “house of the dead”


The end. 🙂

I just uploaded a picture of the map2012-06-02 00.25

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