Weekend Dunking

So friday night, I spent a lot of time working on my house. Actually really just working on the living room and garage. So the garage should be done by the end of this week.

I have been having some trouble refinacing my house, because I never changed my address on the stuff like bank and work. So this week I ran around changing the information so I could possibly get the bank to understand that is my primary residence. Hahahaha.

Even though I love living at home with my parents. It is because I love socializing and it is pretty fun doing stuff around the house and interacting with them.

Got vinesh to come over and help me with the garage. I ripped out the cabinets and it was slightly painful. I thought I could punch through some of the doors with my hands if I just make a small cut. However that didn’t work, I just punched and hurt my hand even more.

On saturday, I went to help out at the chruch BBQ.

I helped out mostly at the dunk tank.


On top of my watery throne.


Inside the water, I actually hit my but against hte ground because I don’t really stand up. I just sit right down into it. 🙂 Got some water up my nose, it hurt.


Bounce House and cotten candy


The little kids posing for me.


Then I only got this travelers watch facepaint. All over my hand.

Then I had awesome falafel at night.


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