wax on, wax off

I think I’ve washed my car 3 times already since i came back from cal poly. That means I’ve been washing my car at a rate of 1 time a week, which is almost more often than the amount of times i leave the house in a week. So if you wonder why there is a water shortage you can blame me. =).

    It takes me so long to wax the car. My dad wanted me to wax my car to see if I could remove some of the scratches that were on it. I’m using the wax stuff like turtle wax and laid it on thick. Eventually, I was getting tired of waxing, (took me around 20 minutes to wax the front hood). So I was getting tired, and just decided to do what i always do. Just wax the front and the back.

    So i’m going to put away my wax equipment and I see that on the wall is the spray bottle of wax, and I’m thinking, man i put so much effort into waxing my car, and it would have been so much easier if I had used this.

   I’m starting week 2 of my job search, and I haven’t gotten too many replys yet. Since I’m having some extra time now, i’ve been teaching myself new web programming languages. Then maybe I can make a video game by the time i get a job.

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