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Man, I don’t really want to work now. I had an interview with one company that was a startup company, and I was asking them how long they worked. They were a startup company with 24 people, so they were saying “would you work saturday”. Then they told me that their schedule is usually 9-6:30. But when its near due date, which seemed to be two weeks each month, they would go from 9am to 10pm. =O. I’m thinking asdf, that’s my whole day.

I had this other interview yesterday, they seemed to be more reasonable with their hours. I hope i get that job, because they don’t look as deadly on my life outside of work. Currently, I’m thinking, if I work 10-11 hours a day, and monday thru saturday, I will never have time to have a girlfriend. Because my day will go wake up 7, leave house 8, get to work 9. Leave work 7 come back home 8pm. That’s my whole day right there.

Today, I woke up at a nice early time of 7:10 am, because Doug had asked me to help him fix his little computer on his bike to track his info. It turned out that while he was changing the tires, he had misaligned both of hte sensors slightly. There were about several mm’s farther away then they should be so his machine wasn’t picking up the speed his was moving at. While Doug was in the restroom, I just spun his pedals around to pad his stats. And make his top speed extremely high.

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